One of my biggest fashion dilemmas is keeping things casual. It’s not something I do really well, ’cause I always seem to end up dressing up a little more than needed. For instance, take that time last year when my mum decided to celebrate her birthday at Chandon, a winery less than an hour away from Melbourne. The best laid-back look I could come up with involved a peplum top with beaded Peter Pan collar that was once featured on “The Carrie Diaries” TV series. Seriously.

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Exploring In Lace


Last week I went on a trip with my family to spend a few days away in Phillip Island. A little over an hour from Melbourne, it is a very popular tourist spot in Victoria, but I had never been there before. Even though (or should I say especially because?) it was cold, I had an awesome time and really recommend going there for a few days if you can. Seeing the penguins come out of the ocean at night, bringing food for their babies, was probably the highlight of my week there. So adorable!

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I Dreamed A Dream








Lady Petrova Waterfalls dress
Topshop trench coat
Karl Lagerfeld for Melissa Shoes Incense heels
Topshop leather clutch
Jolie & Deen crystal ring
Swarovski crystal earrings

Yesterday the boyfriend and I finally went to see Les Miserábles. The book has been one of my all-time favourites ever since I first read it, many years ago, and I loved the movie too. Seeing it live has been on my bucket list for ages, so needless to say, I was really excited. The musical closes in Melbourne on the 20th, and then will tour Perth and Sydney in 2015. I’m really glad I got to see it, even though I left red-faced from crying so much. The story is as touching as ever, with great performances by the Australian cast and epic music that makes every hair on your body stand on end. If you have the chance to go see Les Mis, do it. It’s worth every cent.

To celebrate such a special occasion, I decided to wear my new Lady Petrova Waterfalls dress for the first time. By now you all probably already know that “being good to twirl around in” is totally one of my pre-requisites when buying new clothes, and this dress is perfect for it. The loose fit is quite different to what I usually wear, but the great thing about it is that it never made me feel big or shapeless. And to make it all even more fun, I paired it with my ice-cream heels from the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration with Melissa Shoes. I also appealed to my trusty trench coat from Topshop to keep me dry when it started pouring in the afternoon. Luckily it stopped raining just long enough for us to take a few pictures…

Four Years


IMG_6513 IMG_6538 IMG_6562 IMG_6631 IMG_6540 - Version 2 IMG_6547 IMG_6563 IMG_6592 IMG_6598 IMG_6541 - Version 2

Wearing Giordano plain t-shirt, Forever New boucle jacket, Saba jeans, Wittner boots, Laura Ashley bag from Strandbags, Glassons felt hat, Prada-inspired sunnies from Shades N’ Style, Tiffany & Co. bean necklace and knot earrings, vintage drop necklace, Jolie and Deen hollow triangle ring and origami bird bracelet, The Peach Box twisted nail bangle, Marika King laser cut ring and Limecrime Pink Velvet Velvetine from Lady Petrova.
(Photos by Gabriel Herrok.)

Last Thursday the boyfriend and I celebrated four years together. Going through pictures of our previous anniversaries I noticed that in all of them I wear an uniform of sorts: jeans, boots, a knit and/or a leather jacket. Turns out this year was no exception, because once again we decided to drive to somewhere pretty where we could just be together and appreciate each other’s company. Lavandula Lavender Farm in Daylesford is a beautiful place for a romantic picnic like ours and the weather was simply perfect. Autumn is truly the best… Even though it is no longer lavender season and the only ones I saw were in the many lavender-flavoured foods on offer. Their lavender lemonade was heavenly! I hope to be back soon so I can see the gardens blooming.

I’d planned a completely different outfit beforehand, but I guess it was just one of those days when I needed a more casual, laid-back look… So I changed out of my clothes when I was just about to leave my house. Minus the heels, this is something I actually wear to uni a lot. Either way, I felt really good with what I was wearing, probably because the feeling we were celebrating was way more important than any clothing. I really can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man! <3


Blue Twirl

IMG_4222 - Version 2 IMG_4219 - Version 2 IMG_4228 - Version 2 IMG_4205 IMG_4183

Wearing ASOS off-the-shoulder top, Lady Petrova Ring a Rosie skirt, Melissa Celestial heels, Medusa black clutch, Tiffany & Co. black onyx earrings, Kinki Gerlinki necklace, Zarifa’s Collection ring, Forever New belt and Sportsgirl tights. Photos by Carolina Martins

This is a look I put together back in October last year and completely forgot to publish. (Note I hadn’t even dyed my hair yet.) The quality of the images is not really great ’cause I didn’t have my camera on me that day so we just used my phone. That was my first time wearing this Ring a Rosie skirt from Lady Petrova, probably my favourite piece from her “Sisters of the Crown” collection. It is reversible, of course, with a gorgeous white lace on the inside, and it’s now half price from Lady Petrova’s online store. I paired it with this lovely off-the-shoulder top from ASOS I had purchased a while before. I had never worn it until then because I thought it desperately needed a twirly skirt to go with it.

That week I had been reading “The Help”, so full skirts were definitely on my mind, and when my boyfriend asked me out on a Italian-themed date I couldn’t think of a better outfit. We had some incredible food at the (then) recently-opened Sauced Pasta Bar followed by a screening of  “Un Giorno Devi Andare” (“There Will Come A Day”) at Palace Cinema Como. It was really funny because we knew nothing about the movie, other than the fact that it was Italian, and when we got there it was about this girl who goes on a trip to find herself – to Brazil, of all places! My homesickness wasn’t the only reason I ended up loving it, though. It has a really great message and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it!

* * *

Esta é uma produção que eu usei em outubro do ano passado mas esqueci de publicar aqui no blog. (Notem que eu não tinha nem pintado o cabelo ainda.) A qualidade das imagens não está lá essas coisas porque estava sem a minha câmera naquele dia então usamos meu celular mesmo. Foi a primeira vez que eu saí com essa saia Ring a Rosie da Lady Petrova, que é provavelmente a minha peça preferida da coleção “Sisters of the Crown”. Ela é reversível, claro, com uma renda branca linda do lado de dentro, e está pela metade do preço na loja virtual da Lady Petrova. Eu a complementei com essa blusa ombro a ombro da ASOS, que eu tinha comprado já havia algum tempo mas que nunca tinha usado até então, porque achava que ela precisava mesmo era de uma saia rodada como esta.

Naquela semana eu estava lendo “A Resposta” (no qual o filme “Histórias Cruzadas” foi baseado), com vontade de usar umas saias como as delas, então quando o meu namorado me chamou para um encontro italiano, achei que seria a roupa perfeita. Nós jantamos um nhoque delicioso no Sauced Pasta Bar, que tinha sido inaugurado naquela época, e depois fomos ao Palace Cinema Como assistir “Un Giorno Devi Andare”. Foi muito engraçado porque a gente não sabia nada sobre o filme, só que ele era italiano, e quando chegamos lá era sobre uma mulher que faz uma viagem pra tentar se encontrar – e de todos os lugares do mundo, ela escolhe o Brasil! Entretanto, a minha saudade de casa não foi a única coisa que me fez amar tanto o filme. Ele tem uma ótima mensagem e se você ainda não assistiu, eu recomendo muito!