People’s Choice Awards 2015 Fashion Recap


The People’s Choice Awards was the first red carpet of the 2015 awards season, and it kicked off the year on a very strong note. It is traditionally a ceremony that isn’t strictly black tie, so it’s cool because it usually gives us many wearable trends to watch out for.

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The Lives of Fashion Bloggers in Videos


Image from Renegade Collective

Dia de Beauté, by Vic Ceridono, was the first blog I started following assiduously many years ago. It has always been a source of inspiration, not only for her excellent content, but because I’ve seen her grow the blog into what it is today. Then last year, during Paris Fashion Week, she joined forces with Camila Coutinho, from Garotas Estúpidas (arguably Brazil’s top fashion blog), to start a Youtube reality series, “Cami & Vic Take: Paris”. Not only are the videos crazy fun, following the pair from one runway show to the next, they were also one of the first in-depth behind the scenes look at the lives of fashion bloggers I saw around. Needless to say, I now anxiously wait for every new “season” they put out. So far they’ve taken Paris, London, Pernambuco (Camila’s hometown in Brazil) and São Paulo. The only downside is that it’s all in Portuguese and there aren’t any captions in English yet. Still, you should check out at least a couple snippets from the Fashion Week seasons, ’cause there is a lot to see even if you can’t understand what they are talking about.

Then this year the Style Channel announced a new reality show called Fashion Bloggers, which would be following some of Australia’s top names in order to give an inside look at what their jobs are like on a daily basis. These are all bloggers I already follow, so it was great to learn about the work that goes on behind each Instagram picture and blog post. (Plus, I need to say that I already loved Sarah from Harper & Harley, but after the show I now basically want to be her. Massive girl crush!) Informational, inspiring and thoroughly entertaining, Foxtel has only just aired the last of seven half-hour episodes. I had been dying to see it but didn’t have the time until just last week, when I binge watched it all in one sitting. For once, it felt like my brain wasn’t turning into mush as I watched a reality show – on the contrary, actually. It was really great to see women building and running their own digital business from scratch while supporting each other at the same time. It was feminist television at its best. I really recommend going over to the Fashion Bloggers website, where you can watch all the episodes online. Here’s a little teaser:

It really excites me that my two countries seem not only on board but also at the forefront of the rise of this exciting new area of the fashion industry. I can’t wait to see where this will lead us.

Have you watched any of these yet? What did you think of it?

Melko: A Slice of Brazil In Melbourne


IMG_6325 IMG_6329 IMG_6330 IMG_6332 IMG_6339 IMG_6343 IMG_6344 IMG_6345 IMG_6346 IMG_6352 IMG_6356 IMG_6357 IMG_6358 IMG_6360 IMG_6361 IMG_6364 IMG_6375IMG_6378 IMG_6379 IMG_6382 IMG_6385

Ever since I moved to Australia in 2008 I have never gone back to Brazil. It’s crazy, and homesickness doesn’t even begin to describe what it feels like, but every now and then I find something that makes it more bearable. Walking into Melko for the first time was similar to what I imagine going home will be like. Located in bustling Fitzroy, the boutique is a slice of South America down under. I was welcomed by an array of colour, warmth and simple happiness as soon as I entered. It was as if the sun had decided to accompany me inside in an attempt to hide from the miserable weather on the street. I dropped my umbrella at the door and all of a sudden the colourful kaleidoscope had transported me back home.

The great team who works there had a lot to do with it, of course, making me feel very welcomed as they guided me through the store’s every offering. (A special thanks goes to the lovely Sarah who spent hours giving me a hand with everything. You’re a gem!) With a great selection of brands sourced directly from Brazil, it is no wonder that Melko has found a way to translate the Brazilian essence through clothes and accessories. From the very traditional Brazilian açaí beads, which are made into jewellery in a myriad different colours, to the clothes’ fabrics and shoe offerings, it all celebrates diversity and helps bring Melbourne fashion into a new international level.

Usually, I don’t identify with Brazilian fashion as much, even though I love it. I’m not a very colourful dresser, always prefer winter clothes to summer ones, and generally steer away from anything that looks handmade. Yet, I was still able to find things I loved and that complemented my wardrobe really well. I was already a fan of a few of the brands they stock, and the ones I discovered that day have  become instant favourites.  Some of them are: Totem, Farm, Uma, Mel by Melissa Shoes, Colcci, Arezzo and Tun.

That day I even learned how to wear my açaí beads necklace in ways I have never thought of before, and I am now finally able to incorporate them into looks that are more my style. My love of Mel Shoes is well-known, on the other hand, so it was also a lot of fun to be able to try on all of the new season’s styles, especially because unlike Melissa, Mel doesn’t have a physical store in Melbourne yet. And don’t even get me started on the jewellery, all made out of incredible materials such as rubber and recycled paper. I wanted to take them all home with me. In the next couple of weeks I plan of showing you different ways of styling the things I ended up choosing.

This family owned business has now expanded into four locations scattered throughout Melbourne. Wherever they are, their goal is to brighten the lives of locals by bringing them the best that South America’s designers have to offer. If you haven’t visited Melko yet, make sure you do, especially if you are after unique Christmas gifts. Here’s where you can find them:

18 Howey Place, Melbourne

3/232 Brunswick Road, Fitzroy

2/102 Gertrud Street, Fitzroy

2/599 Malvern Road, Hawksburn | Facebook | Instagram


Friday Favourites: The Chanel Pre-Fall 2015 Show


Every Friday I will be writing about something that jumped out at me during the week or just about my favourite things in general. For the first instalment of MissMatchy’s Friday Favourites, I want to talk about Chanel’s latest runaway show, which took place in Salzburg (Austria) last Tuesday, December 2nd.

This collection just became one of my all-time favourites because truthfully, if I had to spend the rest of my life having only those clothes hanging in my wardrobe, I would wear them time and time again and would still die the happiest person that ever lived. For the first time in seasons Mr. Lagerfeld managed to appeal to my own sense of style with a collection that was pure magic. So theatrical it was almost costume-y (something I truly adore), the Christmas-like show was never a cliché, sparkling bright with a hint of fairytales and filled with a childhood nostalgia for a life we never had.


The moment this little white number appeared I thought I was having a heart-attack. Okay, ‘m being a little dramatic, but I could honestly feel my heart doing a maniacal dance of recognition: I feel this look represents every bit of who I am as well as exactly who I want to be.


Yet, if I could pick one piece from this entire collection to add to my wardrobe, it would be this floral cape. I have no words to express how utterly amazed by it I am.


Even the menswear looked dreamy. In fact, if my boyfriend showed up wearing a version of this outfit I would either: a) drop dead, or b) have to marry him on the spot.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, the entire show is available on Youtube for the mere mortals among us who could not score an invitation to the soirée. Watch it below and let me know which look was favourite in the comments section.

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Topshop Emporium Preview


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The guys from Trolley’d mixing some cool-looking cocktails


Topshop ambassadors pose for photos


With the lovely ladies from E.S. Empire

It was about time Melbourne CBD got its own Topshop store. Years after the brand arrived in Australia, Melburnians still had to go down to Chapel St. or Highpoint to shop the best in British high street fashion. Not anymore. Tomorrow, July 24th, Topshop/Topman Emporium will open its doors at 10am. The day will be celebrated with many festivities, including breakfast treats, music and the opportunity to win vouchers of up to $200 for the first fifty people queuing up.

MissMatchy was invited for a Media Preview earlier today, and so I thought I’d share some pictures ahead of tomorrow’s official launch. Bloggers and media people had a chance to see the store before the general public, have some refreshments, jam to a cool DJ set, get their hair spruced up at a mini L’Oreal salon, snap some pictures and hang out with the Topshop ambassadors – blogger Lisa Hamilton (See Want Shop), author Zöe Foster-Blake, musician Nathaniel Willemse, actress Isabelle Cornish, blogger Luc Weisman (D’Marge) and actor Sean Keenan.

Before all of that we were each taken on a tour of the new store, which looks amazing and it’s huge – the biggest one in the southern hemisphere. Apparently, the only ones that are bigger are the London and New York stores.

The lower ground floor is dedicated exclusively for Topman and offers absolutely everything the boys need – from basics and activewear to shoes, accessories and suits. It’s got more than enough to distract the men while the girls shop up a storm upstairs.

With two levels dedicated to them, the ladies could easily get lost in all of the options. To make shopping easier, the amazing team at Topshop have merchandised the store into smaller areas – each reflecting a particular trend. My favourite section was “London Loves”, an edit by the Topshop Headquarters team of the best the store has to offer. It was there I found a blush trench coat made out of a neoprene-like fabric that I just had to bring home with me. Another cute little corner is “Once We Were Young”, a selection of vintage pieces looking for a new home (so Melbourne!). Make sure you also check out the boho section, previously called “Folk” but now renamed “Rumours” for its homage to Stevie Nicks. The prints are divine!

But while you are getting lost in the racks, don’t forget to also notice the incredible architecture. Many of the store’s windows open to an alleyway that just adds a trademark Melbourne touch like nothing else would… So get down to Topshop/Topman Emporium tomorrow and see it all for yourself!

Topshop/Topman Emporium Ground Floor – Emporium Melbourne 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne (open 10am-9pm this Friday)