Ode to the Wrap Dress


Remember when I told you about my newly-found love of wrap dresses? Well, I got so obsessed with that little Dotti number in the weeks that followed that I had to go back to the store and buy another one in a different pattern. At first I was scared that I would soon regret that purchase, but I’ve worn both dresses so much that it was totally worth it.

So if you still don’t own a wrap dress, let me share a few reasons why you need to get on it ASAP:

  1. It’s quite possibly the most flattering dress style ever. I struggle to think of a particular body type that wouldn’t look good in it, to be honest. It makes your décolletage look beautiful, emphasises your waist and disguises both your tummy and your hips. What else could you ask for?
  2. It’s also one of the most comfortable pieces I own. That’s all I want to wear every time I go out to eat,  because I know that by the end of the meal I won’t have anything constricting me or highlighting my food baby. What a win.
  3. It’s perfect for any occasion. Depending on the fabric and pattern (or lack of it), as well as the accessories you complement it with, it can be fancy enough for a wedding. If you swap your heels for flats or sandals, it can be casual enough for a walk down the beach.

Here are some photos I took wearing what is now my favourite outfit. I never feel prettier or more comfortable than when I’m sporting one of my wrap dresses. This is the second one I bought, and while it’s already sold out, I just found out Dotti released a new plain black version that I need in my wardrobe right now. How many wrap dresses is too many?

Dotti dress (similar here, here and here) | Wittner heels
Swarovski earrings and necklace | Topshop clutch
Photos by Gabriel Herrok

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