Three Ways to Wear a Cape


I was going to say that my love affair with capes started a few years ago but truth be told it can probably be traced all the way back to my childhood love of princesses. The only thing that fascinated me more than their gorgeous dresses was the cape that went with it. For example, my favourite Belle outfit in Beauty and the Beast was the one she wears out in the snow. Iconic!

So when capes started going a little more mainstream some time ago, I was stoked. It took me a while to feel brave enough to jump on the bandwagon, but thanks to Lady Petrova I finally did and I’ve never looked back. Recently I was starting to feel like the trend might be dying out a bit, but then I started noticing sleeker versions popping up here and there – Forever New did a few and even Antix Brazil is releasing one with their winter collection.

To my surprise, a lot of people still seem scared of giving capes a try, so today I thought I’d share a few ways to wear them. Since they can be considered too stylish, too fancy or even a little costume-y, I decided to focus on a simpler version. (You can check out a fancier version on this blog post.)

If you’re a cape virgin, look for something sleek and tailored like this cape blazer I received from Shein*. It’s black, it’s simple and it’s also extremely versatile. And while I love the extra drama of the longer length, you could just as easily opt for a shorter version if you don’t feel so daring. It can be worn over a floor length gown on a special occasion, but it also looks great over jeans and a top. It’s the perfect lightweight cover-up for autumn when you feel like wearing something different.

For inspiration, check out some ideas below:

Shein cape | Kinki Gerlinki necklace | Lady Petrova dress | Melissa heels | Medusa clutch


This first outfit is what I’d call “wedding fancy”, but it’s great for any sort of dressier occasion. Just throw the cape over your fanciest dress and when paired with heels, great jewellery and a nice clutch, you’ll be turning heads.

Shein cape
| Antix dress (similar here) | Kate Spade bag | Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld heels
Tiffany & Co. necklace | The Peach Box bangle

Another good idea is to wear the cape over a more casual dress that you’d pick for going out to dinner. Carry your favourite everyday bag, choose understated accessories and throw on some heels – or even flats if you want to be comfortable – for a stylish night out.

Shein cape | Bardot choker | Dotti t-shirt | Bardot jeans | Melissa flats

And for the days when you want to be casual and comfortable with a bit of oomph, dress up your go-to jeans and t-shirt combo with some cool accessories and a cape. In this case a shorter one would look even cuter.

I hope these tips help you feel brave enough to find a cape to call your own. If you like it, wear it! ;)

Photos by Gabriel Herrok
*Sponsored post in collaboration with Shein

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