Autumn Tricks


My favourite season is finally here! There’s nothing better than wearing boots and knits and there’s no prettier time of the year, so it’s no wonder I’m excited to start coming up with cosy autumn outfits. The only problem is that here in Melbourne it can get pretty chilly all of a sudden, even though it’s not winter yet, so sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge to start bundling up early. After all, knee-high boots and skirts are a cute combination, but they don’t really keep you warm.

My solution to wanting to dress up in my autumn best when it’s already way too cold outside is to play with layers. Take this cute top I received from Romwe for example*. If I want to wear it out these days I’d have to throw on jacket as well, and then I wouldn’t be able to show off all of its cute details like the kimono sleeves and peplum waistline. And because I hate letting the weather keep me from wearing whatever I want, I decided to layer it over a black turtleneck. Paired with jeans and my favourite Melissa boots, I had an outfit that perfectly matched these gorgeous autumn trees.

This is very handy for getting more wear out of your summer dresses as well. Just swap the jeans for a woollen tights and you’re good to go! Now that I’ve shared my favourite autumn trick with you, I wanna know what is your favourite layering combination. Leave me a comment below!

Romwe top | Cocolatte turtleneck | Forever New bag | Bardot jeans | Melissa Long Boot
Jolie & Deen earring and cat ring | Marika King ring | Kylie Cosmetics lip kit in Mary Jo K
Photos by Gabriel Herrok
*Sponsored post in collaboration with Romwe

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