(Re-)Introducing My Monthly Vlogs


Those of you who’ve followed me for a few years now might recall that back when I had just moved to Australia I used to love uploading vlogs to my old Youtube channel. Now that I’ve started taking it a little more seriously again, I thought I might bring back the vlogs, especially because it’s one of my favourite things to watch on Youtube.

My goal is to make at least one monthly highlights video, with some special occasions like travels adding up to an extra vlog whenever I can. In November I was still not used to vlogging again, so I did miss out on filming a few things. I think Snapchat got in the way, but December should be better.

Below you can watch a little of what I did last month, including teaching Portuguese, going to the Night Noodle Markets and my first casting as well as my Gilmore Girls revival viewing party with the fiancé. (Don’t forget to turn on the English captions by clicking on the CC at the bottom of the video window.)

I’d love to hear if you also enjoy watching vlogs, and if so, what time you usually do it. Depending on your answers, I might adjust my posting schedule. ;)

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