Lime Crime True Love Set GIVEAWAY!


Surprise! I decided the time has come for me to do the first giveaway of MissMatchy 2.0 to thank you for all your support this far. It may not seem like much, but every little comment or like or even just a visit you pay me here on the blog means a lot to me and encourages me to keep going.

Since so many people loved the last Lime Crime giveaway I did, I thought it’d be a good idea to repeat it, but this time the winner takes home an entire True Love set. It includes the Velvetines in Cupid, True Love and Saint, and you can see swatches of all three colours on this week’s video below (in English, for a change – yay).

If you want to take part in the giveaway, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to MissMatchy’s Youtube channel
  2. Follow @brendanepomuceno & @missmatchy on Instagram
  3. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name, Youtube and Instagram

(On the video I said you should also leave me your e-mail address but if you’d rather not for privacy reasons, that’s totally fine.) The giveaway is open worldwide. Entries close at 11:59pm (Melbourne time) on October 7th, 2016. The winner will be picked at random and I will then check if the entry is valid. I will announce the winner on October 10th, 2016, and they will have three days to contact me via e-mail to claim the prize.

May the odds be ever in your favour. ;)

Lady Petrova dress (sold out)
Jolie & Deen disc ring & infinity ring (sold out)
Michael Hill bracelet
Lime Crime Wisteria Velvetine
OPI Alpine Snow nail polish 

45 thoughts on “Lime Crime True Love Set GIVEAWAY!

  1. Hehee… I still remember entered the first limecrime giveaway on 2014… I’m going to try my luck again… finger crossed 😱 I’m Nia.. my YouTube channel is Nia Dania.. Instagram niashinomegami….

  2. Hey! Your give always are so generous!
    I don’t have a YouTube channel, but my account is babushkakath, and my Instagram is @babushkakath
    Thanks 😊

  3. Olá linda e melisseira *—*
    Nisso me identifiquei com você e me apaixonei pelo seu insta ! Mas enfim ..

    Yt: barbara Miranda
    Instagram: @baarbarelaz

  4. Hey Brenda! This is your instafriend Natalie aka @itsleviohhhsa :) my YouTube is nothing special but it’s Nataliecarmen17. I love Lime Crime! And it’s fun to see you talking, you’re adorable! Besos 😘

  5. Hello Brenda! So nice to see you back in the game and I am really loving your new posts and you so talkative even being so lovely shy… I remember I entered your first giveaway and wow, I really would like to win these babies! So, my instagram is @lastcountess and my youtube is Michelle Rosolem.

  6. Wow! Thanks for telling me about your give away on my instagram account! :*
    My instagram is: @annie_alexandria
    And my youtube is: Annie Alexandria

    When I have the time I will check out your videos and your blog. Seems to be interested, especialy when you also like Lime Crime (:

  7. Now, this is one that I’d love to win! Been following you for a while, and I actually learnt all about the amazingness of these Velvetines from you.
    Instagram: @missverwey
    YouTube: Leandi Verwey

  8. Hello! I’m a new subscriber to your channel and I wanted to thank you for this giveaway because I love Lime Crime products so I really hope to win! 💕
    Btw, my YouTube: Valeria Matta (thekamashokunin)
    Instagram: @mondaigaru

    Saluti from Italy~ Ciao!💫

  9. Such a generous giveaway! My names is Grace. I love your review videos, can’t wait for you to upload more! 😍😍😍☺️
    YouTube: Grace Morgan
    instragram is grace_julia3

  10. I AM SO DYING TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY!! Lime crime is my favorite and True love Set is very fab as you, brenda. It’s very generous of you to o giveaways and i ship your blogs/vlogs so much!! May the odds be ever in my favor and also goodluck to fellow contestants of this giveaway!! much love brenda!! ♡♡♡♡

    Instagram: anggexsilla
    Youtube: Angelika Silla

  11. Such a nice giveaway! Can’t wait to see more future videos, I’m glad to have found your channel 💖
    Instagram: sarahkook
    YouTube: Sarah Kook

  12. Oi Brenda, tudo bem? Adorei o post, o vídeo e sorteio… claro!
    Nunca usei os produtos da Lime Crime, mas sempre ouvi falar muito bem da marca, achei das criações serem fofas né?. Todas as cores do kit são lindas, amei a cor Cupid, maravilhosa.
    Adoraria participar do sorteio, então segue meus dados…
    Nome: Jerusa Jacobsen
    Instagram: jerusajacobsen
    Youtube: jerusajacobsen
    Super beijo e até mais!

  13. This is totally cool Brenda. Im really looking forward to being one of the winners of your Lime Crime giveaway for Velvetine set. It’s kind of hard looking for Lime Crime here in the Philippines. I believe I’ll be getting one! Yey! 😍😍😍

  14. Thank you for the information and I am always looking for new make-up bloggers and Utubers…love to see the different styles and what products are offered around the world.

  15. Hi :) my name is Michelle. I’m not sure what my YouTube name is, I think it’s just Michelle Rogers? My Instagram is shellxxbell
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win this! I only have one Lime Crime lipstick which I absolutely love! xx

  16. Ooh, I’m so glad you found me on IG today! Yes please, I’m smelling what you’re stepping in! YT = memily, IG = newtricksy :D

  17. Hello! Thankyou for finding me on Instagram! What a great giveaway your doing 😊 My name is Katie and my YouTube & Instagram is Mutedbliss. Thankyou for this opportunity 😄 -x-

  18. Vou tentar de novo, Lindona!!!
    Quem sabe agora vem pra Jundiaí city estes batons… rsrsrs
    Bjins… :)

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