My Brazilian Shopping Spree


Earlier this year I went back to Brazil for the first time since I moved to Australia in 2008. There are still heaps of vlogs from the trip I want to put up on my channel, but today’s video is about how I went nuts with all the shopping I did while I was there.

I figured since I’m still broke from the trip almost six months later, the least I could do is make a video haul of all the treasures I found.😝 It’s all in the video below with links to shop the things that haven’t sold out yet. If you like it, please subscribe to my channel. I need at least a hundred subscribers before I can get my own URL… 🙏🏻

Oh, and just a reminder: this video is in Portuguese, but you can watch it with subtitles by clicking on the CC at the bottom.

1. L’Occitane au Brésil Olinda eau de cologne, R$109 | 2. L’Occitane au Brésil Capim-Limão hand cream, R$28 | 3. Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace body wash (discontinued) | 4. Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace body lotion (discontinued) | 5. Pantene 3 Minute Miracle conditioner, AUD $8.99 | 6.  O Boticário Make B Curving Mascara black (sold out) | 7. Chloé ‘Love, Chloé’ eau de parfum (discontinued) 😭 | 8. Giovanna Baby Blue deodorant, R$12.69 | 9. Melissa + Sebastian Errazuriz The Boss heels, R$450 | 10. Melissa + Campana Miniature shoes (sold out) | 11. Melissa + Campana Miniature bag (sold out) | 12. Melissa + Zaha Hadid Miniature shoes (sold out) | 13. Melissa + Gaetano Pesce Miniature shoes, R$30 | 14. Melissa + Karim Hashid Miniature shoes, R$30 | 15. Antix Roseiral blazer jacket (sold out) | 16. Antix Étnico Bicolor dress (sold out) | 17. Antix Galinhos dress  (sold out) | 18. Antix El Caminito dress (sold out) | 19. Antix Paisagem dress (sold out) | 20. Antix Gira Savana dress (sold out) | 21. Antix Gira Savana shorts, R$144.90 | 22. Antix Rosa da Flórida dress (sold out) | 23. Antix Passeio no Campo dress (sold out) | 24. Cavalera skirt (sold out) | 25. Cavalera top (sold out) | 26. Riachuelo + Pool star shirt (sold out) | 27. Renner Rolling Stones t-shirt (sold out) | 28. Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal pink sneakers (sold out)
Forever New top and necklace (both sold out)
Jolie & Deen marble ring (sold out)
Lime Crime Riot Velvetine
Tiffany and Co. earrings

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