Lady Petrova Boutique Tour


If you’ve read the older posts here on MissMatchy, you know Lady Petrova is one of my all-time favourite brands. Her Flinders Lane boutique was my happy place – where I’d go to when I wanted to feel better after a tough uni exam, when I wanted to be surrounded by sparkly things or even when I just wanted to have empowering girl talks with women I came to know and admire.

I was among the many people who got pretty bummed when Petrova announced she was closing down the store, early this year, even though I knew great things were coming up in the next chapter of her life. Since then she has established a beautiful bridal atelier just a block away from her old boutique and released the first ready to wear collection for Lady Petrova Bridal. Now that some time has passed, I couldn’t be more excited about this new direction, especially because I’m engaged… but I will always look back fondly on the years I got to feel the magic of the Flinders Lane boutique.

That’s why the day before Lady Petrova closed its doors for the very last time I went there to say goodbye and make a video so I could always remember it and so I could show what the store looked like to the people who never got a chance to visit. To be fair, it usually looked better than it does on the video, given that they were at the end of a clear-out sale, but you can still see how magical that little place was. Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel:

Zara t-shirt (sold out)
Lime Crime Red Velvet Velvetine
Tiffany & Co. necklace and earrings

3 thoughts on “Lady Petrova Boutique Tour

  1. Chateada que a loja fechou mas é sempre bom procurar novos destinos. Diz um “Olá e boa sorte!” a ela por mim.
    E quando você for escolher os vestidos bem que podia tirar umas fotos, menos do escolhido, claro. Esse merece surpresa!

    1. Pode deixar que eu falo sim!
      E não sei se estou mais empolgada pra começar a planejar as coisas pelo casamento em si ou pela quantidade de conteúdo legal que vou poder postar aqui. 😂

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