How To Wear The Pink Bomber Jacket If You’re Not A Casual Girl


As I mentioned last week, my love for the pink bomber was born on the day I tried on Valfré’s Mermaid jacket at Lady Petrova. Wearing it felt like a magical hug and though I fell head over heels for it, I was there to buy a dress I’d had my eye on forever so I ended up leaving the bomber behind. A week later it was sold out and I really regretted not buying it, so I started looking for an alternative.

That’s when I noticed that pink bombers were popping up everywhere. I saw a Bardot one at Myer that I would have brought home with me if it weren’t for the stripe detail on the sleeves. A couple of weeks later, I walked past Forever New and all of a sudden I was really glad I didn’t buy the Valfré jacket. I should have known they’d have something even more amazing than I what I hoped for – after all, anything anyone can do, Forever New can do better.

The Remi bomber stole my heart because the jacquard pattern makes it a little more chic. It’d look really good even paired with a little black dress and heels for a night out. I’ve never been much of a casual girl, but ever since I quit my retail job and started working from home, I noticed I’m becoming less dressy. Still, wearing a bomber jacket is something I wouldn’t have thought to do even six months ago. It’s just too cool for me. That’s why I was glad to come across something in a colour and fabric that matches my wardrobe a little bit better; it made it easier to try out a different style while still being me.

The most popular way to wear a bomber jacket is matching it with a loose t-shirt, jeans, sneakers (especially white ones) and a choker. I tried to make this combo a little more fancy by adding a fitter t-shirt, a metal choker and heeled ankle boots, and I loved the result. Who knows, next time I might even take the plunge and dress it down completely. Now tell me: how would you wear this gorgeous pink bomber?

IMG_3918 IMG_3936_2IMG_3906IMG_3909 IMG_3930 IMG_3921 IMG_3955

Forever New jacket | Giordano t-shirt | Bardot jeans | Melissa Soldier boot | Medusa clutch
Jolie & Deen earrings, choker, cat ring, knuckle ring and disc ring | Kate Spade bow ring
Tiffany & Co. necklace | The Peach Box bangle | Kylie Cosmetics Kristen lip kit

2 thoughts on “How To Wear The Pink Bomber Jacket If You’re Not A Casual Girl

  1. Ficou uma graça.
    Eu usaria shorts ou jeans claros, não brancos, acho que suja muito.
    Eu preciso desesperadamente aprender a me vestir. Já estava acima do peso desejado antes de engravidar, mas depois que o Erick nasceu a coisa tá tensa. Voltei a trabalhar e preciso ser criativa. Incrivelmente, no inverno fica mais fácil. Tenho um blazer super coringa, preto, que ajuda bastante pra dar um arzinho mais elegante nas minhas camisetas de estampa nerd. :D
    Mas eu não tenho muita paciência pra fazer compras e testar coisas novas, estou sempre de legging ou jeans e camisa. Quando eu acho algo interessante, está acima do meu orçamento, uma pena.

    1. Verdade, vai ficar uma graça com shorts quando começar a esquentar!
      Nem me fale de engordar – mais da metade do meu guarda-roupas não me serve atualmente. Sei como é. </3
      Blazer é um life saver mesmo. Pena que o meu tá pequeno demais! Haha. O que eu gosto de fazer às vezes quando tenho um tempinho livre é fuçar no meu armário e brincar de fazer umas combinações diferentes, pra na hora de sair não ter que forçar criatividade. Planejar a roupa no dia anterior às vezes ajuda também…

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