My Top 10 Favourite Instagram Accounts


It’s no secret that I’m crazy about Instagram. I’m constantly having to unfollow people because I just can’t keep up with everything on my newsfeed, and still I follow over 800 different accounts. So I thought it would be a good idea for me to spread the love by giving a shoutout to some of my Instagram favourites here on the blog every now and then. For today’s list I’ve tried to narrow the whole of Instagram down to my top ten favourite accounts. If you don’t follow them yet, you’re definitely missing out!


10. @xtristta

Tristan is a really cool photographer with some awesome pictures and even more amazing edits. I totally fangirled when she followed me back. Her aesthetic is a little bit more colourful than what I usually prefer (as you’ll notice from this list), but I’m always in awe of the things she creates. Bonus: check out her boyfriend’s account, @theweathermannn, for similar awesomeness.


9. @guijorgephotography

I grew up thinking I’d become a wedding dress designer. Needless to say, that didn’t happen, but I never managed to overgrow my obsession with weddings. Gui Jorge is an incredible wedding photographer with the most stunning bridal shots I’ve ever seen. Follow him for beautiful couple pictures, pastel coloured beaches and just all-round loveliness. Also worth following is his wife @michaelajorge, the other half of my dream wedding photography team.


8. @garypeppergirl

Nicole Warne may not be my all-time favourite blogger (though she’s definitely at the top of my list), but hardly anyone does fashion blogging photography better than Gary Pepper. Most pics are by her amazing photographer boyfriend @lukeshadbolt, and all of them invite you into a colourful world of dreamy perfection.


7. @lady_petrova

My love of everything Lady Petrova has been thoroughly documented on this blog, so it’s no surprise that her Instagram feed is also one of my favourites. It’s glittery girl-power at its best – do I need to say more?


6. @wisslaren

Christopher was one of the first photographers I started following on Instagram, and he hasn’t failed at making me swoon with every single picture ever since. All the way from Sweden, everything he posts is pure magic. No one has an eye for beauty quite like him.


5. @witchoria

In her bio she calls herself a graphic designer, but she is in fact a true artist. Very post-modern, honest and just incredibly powerful, her images are visual poetry. I love that she’s dedicated to a few different series of related works, and my absolutely favourites are the computer ones. Genius!


4. @chateaugudanes

This account follows an Australian family’s adventures in the south of France, restoring a chateau they bought there. It’s my dream life, really, and the view never ever disappoints.


3. @meghanhess_official

There’s no other artist around whose work I admire more than Meghan Hess. Her fashion illustrations are the most gorgeous ever, and I wish I could afford everything she makes. Someday when I have my own house at least one of her prints will be there, hanging on a wall.


2. @barbiestyle

Barbie’s feed is a fairly new one, and it was basically the best thing to ever happen to Instagram. (It’d be the best thing to ever happen to the internet in general if only Taylor Swift hadn’t joined Tumblr.) Because of course, Barbie’s a fashion blogger. I mean, duh. What else would she be in 2015?! Mini flat lays, throwbacks to old Barbie ads and pictures of every major fashion event around are some of the gems you’ll find on her feed. It’s perfect on every level.


1. @whynikella

I am basically in love with every aspect of this account: her life as a stewardess, flying from place to place and photographing beautiful things on every corner; her colour palette, always seeing the world in the most perfect shades of pastel; and even her family, ’cause she seems to be the coolest mom ever! I don’t think there’s a single photo of hers I haven’t liked. If you have to follow one person on Instagram, I urge you to let it be @whynikella. You won’t regret all the beauty she’ll bring to your newsfeed.

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts that aren’t on my list? Share with me on the comments below and I’ll check them all out! And if you want to follow me on Instagram too, I’m @brendanepomuceno. ;)

4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favourite Instagram Accounts

  1. Adorei suas indicações, Brenda!! Os meus favoritos, que me inspiram muito são: @lostfoundkeep, @coisasboasacontecem, @explorecanada, @greaseandglamour (A Jina é MARAVILHOSA!), @localwanderer, @noyocreative e @yoga_girl.

    1. Vou dar uma olhada em todas as suas preferidas… Instagram é tão legal, né?!
      Muito obrigada por ter colocado um link pra esta lista lá no seu blog. Só vi hoje mas adorei! Beijos!

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