Exploring In Lace


Last week I went on a trip with my family to spend a few days away in Phillip Island. A little over an hour from Melbourne, it is a very popular tourist spot in Victoria, but I had never been there before. Even though (or should I say especially because?) it was cold, I had an awesome time and really recommend going there for a few days if you can. Seeing the penguins come out of the ocean at night, bringing food for their babies, was probably the highlight of my week there. So adorable!

I had planned on photographing a bunch of different looks while on holidays, but everything there was so beautiful (and so wonderfully lazy) that I only managed to take pictures of this one. This wasn’t even on the list of outfits I planned – it was just what I had on that day to go explore the island. On our way to somewhere else, we stumbled upon this stunning building that was a boys’ school until the eighties but hasn’t been in use for years now. I just couldn’t resist snapping up a few pictures there.

Somehow this lace top and jeans combo seems to be my go-to whenever I travel and want to look pretty but comfy. Actually, this top is one of my absolute favourite things to wear, especially when I have a wardrobe crisis. Something else I was particularly excited about that day was that it was the first time I managed to zip these boots all the way up. I bought them last winter, when my feet-calf ratio was a little bit off, so I used to wear it without zipping them up completely. It’s a great trick if you have small feet and big calves, because with zip-ups at least you can still wear boots. I was really excited to find out I could finally squeeze into them, ’cause even though these are knee-highs, the low heel makes them the perfect shoes for going out exploring on a colder day.


Chicwish top | Topshop jeans | Tony Bianco boots | Tiffany & Co. earrings and necklace
The Peach Box bangle | Jolie & Deen cat ring | Marika King ring | Lime Crime lipstick
(Photos by Carolina Martins)

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