Lime Crime Giveaway Winner


It’s funny how hosting a giveaway is exciting even to me. Just like everyone who’s entered, I too get anxious to find out who’s won. I’m the worst at it, actually, because every single time someone entered the giveaway, I genuinely thought “ooh, I hope she wins! She really deserves this!” Sadly, there must only be one winner.

So I sat down and compiled a list of all the entrants, and excluding the doubled up comments, there were sixty-seven in total. (Thanks to everyone who entered, by the way! It was such a good turnout!) Then I went on and generated a random number from 1 to 67. The lucky number chosen was nine. So I referred back to my Excel spreadsheet with everyone’s entries and the lucky lady who gets the two Velvetines by Lime Crime, in the shades Utopia and Pink Velvet is…


Congratulations, Suzily!

Please send an e-mail to in the next 48h with your address so I can post these to you. And if you didn’t win this time, don’t fret! There will be plenty new giveaways in 2015 for you to enter. Just keep checking and you could be the next winner! Once again, thanks for participating! x

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