The Lives of Fashion Bloggers in Videos


Image from Renegade Collective

Dia de Beauté, by Vic Ceridono, was the first blog I started following assiduously many years ago. It has always been a source of inspiration, not only for her excellent content, but because I’ve seen her grow the blog into what it is today. Then last year, during Paris Fashion Week, she joined forces with Camila Coutinho, from Garotas Estúpidas (arguably Brazil’s top fashion blog), to start a Youtube reality series, “Cami & Vic Take: Paris”. Not only are the videos crazy fun, following the pair from one runway show to the next, they were also one of the first in-depth behind the scenes look at the lives of fashion bloggers I saw around. Needless to say, I now anxiously wait for every new “season” they put out. So far they’ve taken Paris, London, Pernambuco (Camila’s hometown in Brazil) and São Paulo. The only downside is that it’s all in Portuguese and there aren’t any captions in English yet. Still, you should check out at least a couple snippets from the Fashion Week seasons, ’cause there is a lot to see even if you can’t understand what they are talking about.

Then this year the Style Channel announced a new reality show called Fashion Bloggers, which would be following some of Australia’s top names in order to give an inside look at what their jobs are like on a daily basis. These are all bloggers I already follow, so it was great to learn about the work that goes on behind each Instagram picture and blog post. (Plus, I need to say that I already loved Sarah from Harper & Harley, but after the show I now basically want to be her. Massive girl crush!) Informational, inspiring and thoroughly entertaining, Foxtel has only just aired the last of seven half-hour episodes. I had been dying to see it but didn’t have the time until just last week, when I binge watched it all in one sitting. For once, it felt like my brain wasn’t turning into mush as I watched a reality show – on the contrary, actually. It was really great to see women building and running their own digital business from scratch while supporting each other at the same time. It was feminist television at its best. I really recommend going over to the Fashion Bloggers website, where you can watch all the episodes online. Here’s a little teaser:

It really excites me that my two countries seem not only on board but also at the forefront of the rise of this exciting new area of the fashion industry. I can’t wait to see where this will lead us.

Have you watched any of these yet? What did you think of it?

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