Lady Petrova Trunk Show


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Just recently Lady Petrova released the campaign images for her upcoming A/W 2014 line, “She Dreams In Colour”. A month ago her VIP customers had the chance to preview the collection during a trunk show hosted at the Flinders Lane boutique. They were all greeted with a glitter path leading to the shop’s door, goody bags, cupcakes, pink fizzy drinks and a decor made up of My Little Ponies. The campaign images (which will be posted here in the next few days) evoke a sense of nostalgia, depicting a grown-up version of a young girl’s bedroom in a dreamy haze. According to Petrova Hammond, the Lady herself, this season is inspired by “pre-Raphaelite poetry, sixties architecture and nineties memories”. The collection’s name pays homage to a Pearl Jam song, while many of the garments are named after some of the poems.

“She Dreams In Colour” is also a more exclusive line, with only around ten pieces of each style being produced. As the designer explains each garment to her customers on the night, it is easy to see why. She tells us the story of each lace, some of which she has been holding on for over a decade. “I only had enough left to make around five of these dresses”, Petrova says. Another style features a piece of the same lace she used on a dress from her very first collection many years ago. The limited run of the pieces is the main reason she decided to host the trunk show, to give her best customers a chance to see most of the new designs and pre-order their favourites.

And as true Lady Petrova ladies, they all go crazy for it. Why wouldn’t they? There are capes made of lace and velvet, a trend heavily featured on the catwalks and red carpets for this season, but which has been a staple of the brand’s style for years now. The collection also features holographic dresses that look like the tail of mermaid Barbies from back in the day, floral pinafores, mid-length reversible coats that scream Paris, and a lot of intricate details in the best Lady Petrova style. And to complement the collection, a couple of collaborations were also part of the night. Vegan and chemical-free nail polish brand Deadset Babes created a special glitter polish in the colours of the collection and named it “My Little Petrova”. This was a limited edition made especially for the night and all of the customers walked away with one bottle of the nailpolish in their goody bags. Symantha Rose, who creates mind-blowingly beautiful jewellery out of resin, also used this season’s colours as a guide for her new collection. All the pieces, mostly shaped like crystals, were available for purchase on the night and you can still buy the remainder at the Flinders Lane boutique.


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